Death and darkness

If the road to Hell is paved with good intentions, Lazarus Kerrigan is a bulldozer. 

After conning Lazarus, the Devil is on the run, holed up in his corner of Hell and surrounded by an army of demons. He thinks he’s safe, but he doesn’t know Lazarus. 

To save the woman he loves, Lazarus will fight his way through Titans, fallen angels, and even the Devil himself. Nothing will stop him, not even the end of the world. 

But saving Emma is just the beginning of his problems. More gods and monsters wait in the shadows, and Ragnarök is coming. 

Can Lazarus stop the impending apocalypse? And if he does, what will it cost? There are some things even Death can’t survive… 

Death and Darkness is the exciting second installment of The Lazarus Codex including:

6. Death’s Door 

7. Night Terror 

8. Dark Revel 

9. Dark Horse 

10. Casting Shadows 

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