An ex-con necromancer. A bloody murder. Figures they’d blame the guy with the record.

For necromancer Lazarus Kerrigan, The Big Easy is anything but. Crime is up, incomes are down, and now his front door is a murder scene. Talk about a bad morning. 

Since he’s the only ex-con around, the cops are ready to pin it all on him and call it a day. If he wants to clear his name, Lazarus will have to find the murderer. Fast. You’d think that’d be easy considering he can talk to the dead. 

But more than monsters go bump in the night when the sun sets in New Orleans. The infamous Baron Samedi is back in town, and ready to offer Laz a new power he can’t refuse. At least, not if he wants to get out of this one alive. 

He rescued the Devil’s daughter, but Hell isn’t celebrating… 


Rogue wizard Josiah Quinn never met a rule he wouldn’t break. Even though he knows he’ll face plenty of backlash from both good and evil, he braves the fires of Hell to spring Satan’s captive daughter. But before they can return to their lives, he must track down the missing pieces of her soul…

 As he attempts to unite the fragmented spirit of the succubus by his side, Josiah has one little problem: a power-hungry wizard aiming to rule the underworld. And since that handsome devil also happens to be his old flame, fighting to protect millions of innocent lives is like battling his own heart.

With New York City in the crossfire, can Josiah pull off the impossible before all Hell breaks loose?

Fractured Souls is a deliciously dark urban fantasy. If you like smart-mouthed heroes, noir-style settings, and stories that flip tropes on their head, then you’ll love E.A. Copen’s thrilling novel.

Monsters live among us, and it’s her job to make sure they obey the law. 


Special Agent Judah Black has been reassigned to the place careers go to die: The Paint Rock Supernatural Reservation. No agent on the reservation has lasted six months before they quit or disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

After a werewolf is murdered, she’s determined to solve the case, even if the locals aren’t willing to help. This could be her ticket out of career suicide, or it could be her worst nightmare. This killer’s got claws, and knows exactly where she lives…

If you like Ilona Andrews and Patricia Briggs, you’ll be right at home in Paint Rock with Judah Black in Guilty by Association. Don’t miss out on the action. Scroll up and click the buy button today!